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Mac上很贴心的提供了词典,并且还绑定了快捷键:在任何页面按下”Ctrl+Cmd+D”,就会有词义解释的界面弹出。不过内置的New Oxford American Dictionary比较的弱,给人的感觉词条的水准就像《新华字典》一样单薄,所以换成了编了好几十年又修订了好几十年的韦氏词典,两者的差距还是明显的。


pathos /ˈpāˌTHäs/, a quality that evokes pity or sadness


pathos /ˈpāˌTHäs/, n.

1. The quality or character of those emotions, traits, or experiences which are personal, and therefore restricted and evanescent; transitory and idiosyncratic dispositions or feelings as distinguished from those which are universal and deep-seated in character; — opposed to ethos.

2. That quality or property of anything which touches the feelings or excites emotions and passions, esp., that which awakens tender emotions, such as pity, sorrow, and the like; contagious warmth of feeling, action, or expression; pathetic quality; as, the pathos of a picture, of a poem, or of a cry.


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